Apr 27, 2021

My Special Guest Pilot Episode Debut!

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The Archipelago team is incredibly excited to announce the release of the first episode of MY SPECIAL GUEST! This pilot was a collaboration between Archipelago, Juno Rinaldi (Workin Moms), and Canadian theatre actress, Jenny Young. Directed by Jana Stackhouse, with cinematography by Nicholas Bradford-Ewart, this was one of the last projects the team was able to comfortably shoot pre-Covid-19.

Canada’s New Late-night Talk Show - Archipelago Productions
Here’s our amazing hair and makeup artist, Sarah Deschamps, touching up Jenny on set.

Welcome to Canada’s new late-night talk show, My Special Guest, hosted by Juno Rinaldi (Workin Moms). In this premiere episode, Juno is joined by Canadian theatre actress, Jenny Young. Jenny teaches Juno how to hold a cat.

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My Special Guest features celebrity interviews, sketch comedy, Canadian current events, and cats. Subscribe for behind-the-scenes videos, outtakes, deleted scenes, and more!

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