Sept 16, 2020

Archipelago’s Virtual Events Services

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Welcome To The New Normal - Archipelago Productions
Welcome to the New Normal

Live events have transitioned to virtual functions all over the world, in an effort to ensure our health and safety. Here at Archipelago, we are determined to make this transition to a virtual event both painless and straightforward, while preserving the spirit of your original event's intent.

Archipelago has produced several virtual events for large brands and non-profits, while planning ahead for more. We are eager and up to the challenge to ensure your live event is provided with the necessary streaming solutions to accomodate your needs. Our company goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction when it comes to your unique live-stream experience. This collaboration begins by acquainting you with our services; here are some aspects to consider when thinking about your virtual event:

Event Preparation

The preparation going into your event is the key to success. Our first step is a producer and client consultation to determine the best practices suited to your specific needs. We will find the optimal streaming platforms for your event while additionally taking your team’s own livestream capabilities into consideration. Archipelago is equipped to provide a knowledgeable team, including an experienced editor, a competent livestream tech, and a producer, who will be there every step of the way to work with you on additional resources, scheduling, and budget.

Our event preparation additionally includes recording rehearsals and an event run-through, so that you’re given a real-time reference of how your event will progress. These rehearsals provide ample opportunity to guide our clients and their speakers through the event while offering advice, making live adjustments, and troubleshooting solutions on-the-go.

Capture And Polish Of Pre-recorded Video - Archipelago Productions

Capture and Polish of Pre-Recorded Video

Leading up to your event, you may be interested in utilizing packaged content. This may include pre-recorded segments shown during the event or promotional materials used prior to the event. Whatever your preference, the Archipelago team is capable of coordinating, recording, and editing your content. These videos can be recorded and produced in Archipelago’s studio, through an on-location shoot, in the comfort of our client’s offices, or simply during a Zoom or Google Meet call. And following the function, if requested, video-on-demand files of the event can easily be provided.

Live Digital Broadcast Streaming

As your live streaming partner, it is our job to successfully stream your event while maintaining its initial spirit and purpose. With the help of our extensive preparation process, we are able to attract and retain large audiences, all while streaming to your preferred major platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Our capabilities allow us to patch in live speakers from all around the globe. Our methods are current and reliable; we are constantly adapting to an ever-changing live stream landscape.

Towards the end of 2020, Archipelago produced a virtual multimedia Christmas concert for live stream with Singing OUT, Toronto’s leading LGBTQ+ community choir. We collaborated closely with Singing OUT and their talented choir members and musicians to stream a visually engaging live video, while ensuring we capture the original spirit of the event.

The Candy Show Live At Transform Fest 2021 - Archipelago Productions
The Candy Show Live at Transform Fest 2021

Incorporating Branding Elements

Consistently working with well-established brands, we know that it is crucial that our videos encompass a company’s distinctive aesthetic requirements without distracting from its valuable content. In June, we produced a video for Google that ensured that the company’s strict brand guidelines and initiatives were clearly discernible, without diverting attention away from the speakers. This is a service we offer for any pre-recorded content produced for your event.

Incorporating Branding Elements - Archipelago Productions

We hope this is a helpful overview. Each event requires its own combination of unique services and Archipelago is ready to work with your team to plan, transition, and seamlessly execute your live event. Reach out via the form below to start a conversation with one our experienced producers.

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