Mar 15, 2023

We Shot and We Scored! - Archipelago’s Connection to the World Cup

Archipelago’s Connection To The World Cup - Archipelago Productions

As Team Canada shoots and scores at the World Cup, we are shooting too…but videos of course. Like many across the country, we at Archipelago watched Canada vie for the World Cup for the first time since 1986. We cheered extra hard for midfielder Mark-Anthony Kaye as we recently had the opportunity to shoot a video with him for the “It Starts Here” campaign in connection with We Are Social, Major League Soccer and Adidas.

You likely weren’t able to catch a glimpse of Mark-Anthony’s Adidas boots (or cleats for us Canadians) as he is always speeding up and down the field, but they were customized by Toronto artist Daniel Moosayebi of Inked Out Kicks. We documented the whole process, from design to delivery, across 2 videos that can be seen here!

Studio Shoot with Inked Out Kicks

The first of the two videos was shot right here in our studio in the West End of Toronto. It was transformed into Daniel’s workspace where each step of the cleat design process was depicted. It was really eye-opening to see the detail that goes into each design and we were sure to match his attention to detail with the footage we captured.

Training Field Shoot with Mark-Anthony Kaye

The second video was shot at the BMO Training Ground with Team Canada player Mark-Anthony Kaye. We were given the opportunity to capture his initial reaction to his customized cleats and hear about his journey from Toronto to the World Cup.

It was really important to us to capture his raw emotion that came from seeing his story as a soccer player reflected on the cleats in each little detail of the design. We felt his authenticity really came through in the footage that we captured and we’re excited to see how others connect to the video!

We are really proud of the work we have done for this campaign and we’re excited to share that with soccer fans around the world! Check out the videos below!

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