Jul 27, 2020

Case Study: Being a Preferred Google Vendor During a Pandemic

Case Study, Being Preferred Google Vendor During Pandemic - Archipelago Productions
Webcam-based Video With Jeff Greenspoon - Archipelago Productions

In June, Google contacted Archipelago in need of something innovative, a plan to take lackluster footage and Covid limitations, and create a special project to broadcast their message, while ensuring it resonates with the largest audience possible. The Archipelago team is always up for a challenge that requires us to adapt to extraordinary circumstances and improvise solutions. We knew it was crucial that this video encompass the distinctive Google brand and stand out from the pack, without distracting from its valuable content.

Early production plans detailed these Marketing experts recording their thoughts privately, speaking directly to their webcam. Our primary concern was that this project could become simply another webcam-based video, one we’ve seen a hundred times since April. Our second issue was that the speakers had originally chosen to record by themselves, which can prove to be a risky endeavor without the proper preparation.

We greatly value our roles as creative technicians and problem solvers, ones who are able to competently navigate the new Covid normal we’re living in. We began by thinking outside of the box, asking ourselves, how do we produce this content and ensure it stands out from the rest?

World’s Leading Brands In Innovation - Archipelago Productions

While beginning initial work on this project, we were eagerly anticipating a flood of webcam-based ads and testimonials from organizations all over the world. The population would suddenly be inundated with these specific types of covid-cautious videos. With this knowledge, we knew a unique approach would be critical for Google, being one of the world’s leading brands in innovation.

Archipelago designed the look and feel of this video from the ground up. Being a preferred video vendor for Google, we know that this brand requires eye-catching content that adheres to the company’s strict aesthetics and initiatives.

Private Recording or Video Chat - Archipelago Productions

When doing a private recording, without gentle guidance and prompts from an experienced individual, these testimonials were at risk of being stilted or disjointed. We chose to act as the interviewer, providing subject prompts and thoughtful questions. Our goal was to elicit natural, authentic responses in order to facilitate a fluid discussion between the speakers, despite their being in separate spaces. We pride ourselves on ensuring a personable, comfortable shooting setting, whether that be in the studio or simply over video chat.

The year thus far has presented a number of significant challenges for many brands, marketers, and agencies. We realize that it is up to us, as creatives, to work closely with these teams to adapt to the circumstances, go above and beyond, and produce exceptional content for their brands.

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