Genre: Children’s Programming

Format: Live Action Series

Running Time: 11 mins x 26 episodes

Stage: Development

Year: 2023

Tyra has big dreams of becoming a professional in every sport - but often becomes discouraged when she realizes her goal is tougher to achieve than expected. That's where her friends jump in to give her the pep-talks and training she needs to learn that it's not all about being the best!

TRIUMPH is an 11-min live action series that follows our host, Tyra Sweet, as she works towards her ambitious goal of becoming a professional athlete in




Tyra grew up running away from footballs thrown her way and accidentally scoring on her own team's net during a soccer game that one time in gym class. Sports have never really been "her thing"… Which is why she's enlisting the help of some seriously talented kid athletes who are going to help her train for the TRIUMPH CHALLENGE to see if she's mastered the skills of each featured sport.

Can she do it? Well, we know she’s going to try!


Created by: Tyra Sweet

Producers: Maeve Kern, Nicholas Ewart, Jana Stackhouse, Vinuja Shanthasoruban

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