Last Shot

Genre: Drama

Format: Proof of Concept

Running Time: 06:07

Stage: Complete

Year: 2022

Platform: TIFF Big Pitch, Festival Release

A former high school basketball phenom, now in his 30s, having never lived up to his early promise, grapples with the fact that it may be time to give up on his hoop dreams.


Writer & Director: Roble Issa

Producers: Maeve Kern, Vinuja Shanthasoruban, Jana Stackhouse,  Nicholas Ewart

Starring: Dwain Murphy,  Sam Asante,  Ceyon Crossfield,  Dan Duran,  Tee Schneider,  Vinuja Shanthasoruban

Cinematographer: Nicholas Ewart

Editor: Cam D’Andrade

Casting Director: Jesse Griffiths

Sound Recordist: Jason Milligan

Colourist: Ian Simon

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