Genre: Drama, Comedy

Format: Scripted

Running Time: 10 x 30 minutes

Stage: Development

Year: 2024

Society has crumbled. Banks have decided that catering to the rich matters more than human beings. Cue; the most vile economic crash in history. Madhuri, aka Mads, is an actor living paycheque to paycheque. Her estranged mother, Kiran, is freshly laid off after twenty-one years as an executive assistant.

In an attempt to reconnect, Kiran proposes that the duo steal from the recession rich bank executives who laid her off as payback. This isn’t like the history books. ‘Good’ Indian women are supposed to obey tradition and honour their families. ‘Good’ Indian women like Madhuri and Kiran however, rob rich people in order to survive. Within the desperation of a global recession, these women are willing to fight dirty.

Stuck between pain and hope, Madhuri and Kiran emerge from fumbling criminals into master thieves, dead set on making things right for themselves and each other. There’s an unwritten cultural rule: ‘good Indian women are not to bring any shame upon themselves’, but there is nothing shameful about taking your power back.

“Tax the rich” has a whole new meaning.


Writer & Creator: Preeti Torul

Producers: Vinuja Shanthasoruban,Maeve Kern, Nicholas Ewart, Jana Stackhouse

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