Genre: Food & Travel

Format: Unscripted Series

Running Time: 13 x 30 mins

Stage: Development

Year: 2026

Debbie’s passion for wine, food, travel, and good conversation is as strong as it is enthralling. As a highly trained and respected sommelier, Debbie knows wine like few others do. But don’t take her for a wine snob by any measure. She’s a hilarious and lighthearted iconoclast in pursuit of the best experiences, sensations, and connections with no patience for pretentiousness. And she’s not alone!

The modern wine scene is experiencing a seismic shift. It’s full of youthful, playful and experimental rule breakers carving their own unique paths. Our dynamic host, Debbie, offers an Unfiltered view into a world that the food, wine, and travel lover won’t be able to get enough of. On this journey she’ll meet with experts in viticulture, odd ball characters, and passionate creators. Debbie invites viewers to taste new wines, eat incredible food, explore new regions, and dive into the stories behind each bottle. Cheers!


Host: Debbie Shing

Director: Nicholas Ewart

Producers: Maeve Kern, Ryan West, Nicholas Ewart

Cinematographer: Nicholas Ewart

Season 1 In Development

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