My Special Guest

Genre: Comedy

Format: Web Series

Running Time: 5 X 8 mins

Stage: Exhibition


Original Web Series

Workin’ Moms' star Juno Rinaldi is about to embark on the biggest project of her career... her very own talk show!

The problem is, she can't get any celebrities to show up. The only guest she can book is her unknown theatre actor best friend, Jenny Young. No matter how much of a train-wreck the two are together, the show must go on.

Despite repeated failures, the duo finally manage to land a real guest... Jann Arden!

Will they blow it?


Created by: Juno Rinaldi, Jenny Young

Director: Jana Stackhouse

Writers: Juno Rinaldi, Mike Rinaldi, Jenny Young

Producers: Nicholas Ewart, Maeve Kern, Jana Stackhouse

Starring: Juno Rinaldo, Jenny Young

Special Appearances: Jann Arden, Dani Kind, Gordon Bolan, Tanu Ravi, Izad Etemadi,

Production Designer: Kelly Diamond

Editor: Mariana Urrutia

Sound Recordist: Amanda Ann-Min Wong

Re-Recording Mixer: Bret Killoran

Season 1 Trailer:

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Higher Than Normal

Episode 3: No Affiliation

Episode 4: Workin' Itself Out

Episode 5: The Bigger the Better

Season 1 Bloopers

Season 1 Now Streaming

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