Content Farm

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Sketch Comedy, Horror

Format: Web Series

Running Time: 3 x 15 minutes

Stage: Exhibition

Year: 2023

Platform: Streaming on CBC Gem

After escaping their creator, two rogue bots teach themselves to be human in the wilds of social media. Nothing is original and clicks are king. From the odd and obliquely filthy minds of Lauren Gillis and Alaine Hutton of Lester Trips (Theatre), a speculative fiction unfolds in the doomscroll. Cringe comedy and social commentary clash in a deepfake reality dating show, a washed-up comedian platforming bot conspiracy theories, and of course, AI-generated melting dog faces. As scary as the real internet, but slightly more charming.


Creators: Alaine Hutton, Lauren Gillis

Writers: Alaine Hutton, Lauren Gillis

Producers: Nicholas Ewart, Alaine Hutton, Lauren Gillis

Editor: Alaine Hutton

Broadcaster: CBC

Season 1 is available on CBC GEM

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