Camp Tipsy

Genre: Drama

Format: Short

Running Time: 26:45

Stage: Complete

Year: 2021

At age 14, Ellie is struggling with alcoholism when she finds Camp Tipsy, a camp that helps teens quit drinking. It’s here that Ellie is challenged to trust in the process and learn tools that she can take into the real world to help her stay sober.


Creator & Writer: Billy MacLellan

Director: Jana Stackhouse

Cinematographer: Nicholas Ewart

Line Producer: Delaney Novinka

Producers: Jana Stackhouse, Maeve Kern, Nicholas Ewart

Short Film Starring: Morgan Neundorf, Billy MacLellan, Victoria Sanchez, Dwain Murphy, Madison Ferguson, Billy Cochrane

Casting: Jessie Griffiths

Original Score: Jay Malinowski

Edited By: Alex Josselyn-Hamilton

Supervising Sound Editor: Bret Killoran

Stunt Coordinator: Alex Armbruster


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