“She redefines contemporary Indigenous experience and the performance of identity.”

Over the past three decades Shelley Niro has won the respect of her peers through her redefinition of contemporary Indigenous experience and the performance of identity. Her resolve, sensitivity and humour are evident from her earliest work.

Niro has proven her dedication to producing art that contributes to Indigenous identity in this country, and to the cultural restructuring of societal relationships within Canada. In this way she gives people a chance to re-think and re-imagine. Her work is situated within the present-day societal shift that is influencing Canadian art as it is reframed and Indigenous visual culture is given its due.

Our team member, Nicholas Bradford-Ewart was invited as director of photography on this Canada Council for the Arts video, celebrating Shelly Niro, one of this year’s Governor General award recipients. 

You can read more about this artist and what the video here.